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Get in touch and let me know about your idea. Include, if possible, a description of your project, your target audience, desired format & style and other details. The more specific, the better! Don’t forget to include your deadline, if you have one.

I’ll get back to you within the day to schedule an online meeting to advise you on the best way to implement your project and meet your communication goals.

In the next 48 hours, I will send you a complete proposal for the project, including a summary of the terms and a free quote. Once you are happy with them, we will be ready to start!

Inthe scheduled date, you will receive a first draft of your projectfor you to review, suggest changes and corrections. In the followingphase, you will receive a detailled version, ready for a secondreview of the final details.

Once the final corrections are applied, you will receive a low resolution sample of the final art for your approval. After your approval, I will send you the invoice so you can proceed to the payment.

Upon payment confirmation, I will send you a download link with high resolution copies of the final art in the requested file formats.


Satisfied clients

Kelly Rourke
Executive Director
Pollinator Partnership, US.

Hugo is an incredibly professional and skilled artist. He went above and beyond what we could have hoped for when we commissioned him to render our poster. Not only was the art executed beautifully, he brought his scientific background to make sure that all components were accurate. Hugo was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking for scientific, wildlife, or landscape art.

Alejandro Izquierdo
Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, CA

Hugo was extremely professional throughout the whole process. Despite the difficulty interpreting two-dimensionally preserved fossils, Hugo used his formation as a biologist and as an artist to bring this animal to life with incredible accuracy. He went far and beyond, performing additional analyses that led the research team to revise their interpretations and improve the final reconstruction. The overall result, both schematic and artistic are incredible, and would recommend him to any paleontologist and/or invertebrate worker.

Dr. Bonita De Klerk
Operations Manager
University of the Witwatersrand, SA

Hugo went above and beyond researching our requirements and was so willing to engage with our team on every aspect of the murals we commissioned. His professionalism and ability to work within deadline was a really beneficial for our exhibition team. The quality and composition of the artworks produced are incredible and we cannot wait for our museum-goers to see them!

Sergio Mora
Grupo SM

First and foremost, I would highlight the high quality of Hugo’s art and the precision in his illustrations. The workflow has been professional, with excellent time management and very clear, organized communication.

Karla Fallon
Chief Content Officer

Hugo Salais is an immensely talented science illustrator. As a content creator registered with us on the SciencePOD platform, we reached out to Hugo to create an illustration of science journal quality for the winner of a research visualization competition run by the UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research. Throughout the project, Hugo showed a strong understanding of complex scientific concepts, asked the right questions, and provided valuable insights into the creative process of producing a design that is scientifically accurate and visually stunning. The competition winner, our client and SciencePOD are delighted and impressed by the scientific illustration Hugo created.

Imran Rahman
Principal Researcher
The Natural History Museum

Hugo’s work on this project has been fantastic. He has an exceptional eye for detail, going above and beyond what we had expected. Some of his 3D models even caused us to think again about the anatomy of fossils we have studied in detail for years. He was very responsive and quick to make any and all changes we requested. The final results are spectacular and will form a key part of our latest manuscript on Ediacaran ecosystems. We couldn’t be happier with the results of this project.

Matthieu Deville

Hugo’s work is properly fantastic. I randomly discovered his work searching on internet for literature and found some of his earlier work. After a few mails, Hugo had a really good idea of what he wanted to prepare for this project and created a beautiful piece of artwork that really improved the quality of the work we are doing on this project. I hope to collaborate again soon!

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