Hi! My name is Hugo

I am the person behind Metazoa Studio.

As a scientific illustrator, I am committed to helping professionals in the Science, Health, Outreach and Culture areas to communicate their message effectively. How? By translating complex scientific concepts into accurate, comprehensive and eye-catching images that reach and engage their target audience.

In the past years, I’ve had the chance to work with researchers, health professionals, publishers, agencies, museums and other institutions around the world in a variety of projects, from scientific figures to museographical installations, infographics and outreach illustrations or multimedia apps, among others.​

My professional commitment is supported by a solid background in life and biomedical sciences and broad experience in research, leading to a BSc in Biology and a PhD in Neurosciences. This allows me to know first-hand about the priorities of the Research & Academia sector and respond effectively to its needs.

My creative process is sustained by a diverse set of tools and media, including digital illustration, 3D modelling, vector art or graphic design. With each new project, I strive not only to deliver my client’s message, but to develop the ideal combination of media and techniques to do so.

Ready to boost your scientific communication?

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