PterosaVR is a mobile app developed by the Museum of the University of Valencia for Natural History (MUVHN). With the help of virtual reality, PterosaVR allows museum visitors to experience the reconstruction and bringing to life of Tropeognathus mesembrinus, the giant flyer from the Cretaceous period.

PterosaVR guides you through the sequential reconstruction of Tropeognathus mesembrinus.

  • Skeleton
  • Musculature and soft tissues
  • Skin and external appearance

PterosaVR mobile app is very easy to use:

  • Download the free app on your smartphone (Android; iOS).
  • Place your device in a VR headset.
  • Look up at the skeleton of Tropeognathus.

But PterosaVR offers much more…

  • 3D anatomical viewer
  • Take Tropeognathus home with AR (Augmented Reality).
  • Pterosaur information